2022 MVP Awards – The recognition for outstanding contributions

Every employee on the career path wants their contributions and dedication to be recognized, thereby marking an important achievement. This is an invisible motivation that helps each employee to overcome difficulties at work and actively contribute to the development of the company.


And at Rakus Vietnam, all efforts are recognized with honorary awards: Quarterly MVP, Annual MVP,…
Below are the excellent members who have won the Annual MVP award of  2022, the award is an opportunity to participate in training in Japan.



– Ms. Le (Project: Mail Dealer)


Besides being a busy mother taking care of her family, Ms. Le is also a core member of the project. Moreover, with the personality of mastering the work, paying attention to every small detail, she is always the one who dedicates herself to the team’s overall mission.


As an enthusiastic mentor to guide new members, she does not hesitate when assigned difficult tasks, always puts quality first by specific actions with appropriate plans, from which products from Ms. Le are always highly appreciated.



– Mr. Hau (Project: RRMeisai)


As a quiet, calm guy of the QA team, in charge of ensuring the output quality for the product, Mr. Hau is always active in researching and self-learning the new and useful techniques for his work.


In addition, he also has strengths in creating manuals to guide newbies, and creating tips for difficult and complex cases. This is not only useful for training new members, but also a premise for the development of products later because RakuRaku Meisai is a new project that has only been developed at Rakus Vietnam in recent years.



– Mr. Tuan (Project: RakuRaku Seisan1)


Successfully completing the Operation support tasks, being the one to find the root cause of many difficult problems, thereby enhancing the team’s work quality and meeting the requirements of the Japanese side, shortening the task assignment time, … In addition, Mr. Tuan also enthusiastically supports the QA team when problems arise. This rare element is indeed unique to Rakus Vietnam.




Three personalities – Three colors, representing three different teams. But all three people have one thing in common, which is towards product quality and the development of the company. Sincerely thank and acknowledge all your efforts for the continuous growth of Rakus Vietnam in the future.


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