Rakuraku Meisai

RakuRaku Meisai is an electronic invoicing system being no longer required to post paper invoices to your. After electronic invoices from a database importing through the system being issued, your customers are then able to have access to these invoices from their own web accounts.

✅ It is not only that all of your paperwork can be streamlined, but also that the expenses of envelops & papers and postage are cut down.

✅ It can be also contributed to the reduction of storage costs and the creation of eco-friendly environments since relevant information is saved as an electronic data.

✅ No unnecessary costs of envelopes, papers and postage!

✅ Streamlining paperwork such as printing out and enclosing invoices!

✅ Promoting eco-friendly environments due to the reduction of printing!

✅ Being able to download previous invoices at any time!

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