Vietnamese and Japanese development teams are working together to deliver excellent products to our customers


  • PROJECT: Rakuraku Meisai
  • NAME: Nguyen Huu Loc
  • POSITION: Rakuraku Meisai Development Department, Rakuraku Meisai Development Division 1.


After graduating from university in Ho Chi Minh City, he worked at a Japanese enterprise. He has about 15 years of experience with BSE, SE (PG, PL) positions. He joined Rakus in January 2022 through an introduction from an acquaintance. Outside of work, he often relieves fatigue after a day by listening to Vietnamese music, watching movies, planting trees, etc. Sometimes he also goes sightseeing around the Tokyo or Kanto area with his friends.



—– Please kindly tell us the reasons behind your decision to join Rakus.

I have known about Japan since I was a child. Most of the manga I read were Japanese, and Japanese movies broadcast on TV, products from Japanese manufacturers, and Japanese culture were quite famous and popular. This made me fond of Japan. I studied technology in university and developed an interest in Japan, a country where technology is advanced, thinking, “I want to work in Japan”. I applied to a job fair hosted by a Japanese company at my university in Vietnam, and with the company’s support, I made up my mind and came to Japan right after graduating.

After working in Japan for about 10 years as an SE, offshore development with Vietnam became highly prominent. Due to the desire to leverage my experience as a bridge between offshore development projects, I decided to switch to a BSE role in a Japanese branch of a company conducting development in both Japan and Vietnam.


Around four years into working as a BSE, I began to aspire to excel in a Japanese company engaged in offshore development. Through a referral from a friend, I learned about Rakus and started considering a job change. Rakus, a Japanese company, was developing multiple cloud services (SaaS) products and striving for rapid growth to become “the leading SaaS development engineer group in Japan.” The prospect of establishing a new offshore team at that time, where I could apply my experience, became a significant factor in my decision-making.


—– Please kindly describe about your current responsibilities.

I have been involved in the development of the Rakuraku Denshi Hozon product in the Rakuraku Meisai Development Department for about a year and a half, contributing to the development of multiple functions. “Rakuraku Denshi Hozon” is a service that allows free collaboration and storage of documents such as invoices. Additionally, by using the paid version of “Rakuraku Denshi Hozon” users can upload document data received outside of “Rakuraku Meisai”.


My role involves domestic development in Japan (creating overviews, detailed designs, implementation, acceptance), providing project requests and input specifications to the RV, accepting deliverables from the RV, following RV progress, and participating in offshore improvement activities. I also handle operational tasks related to product releases.


—– Could you provide specific details about your job?

My daily tasks include:

  • Management tasks such as supporting development in the RV and tracking progress.
  • After receiving requests from the domestic development team, creating work requests and expanding specifications to the Rakuraku Meisai development team in Vietnam (RV).
  • Reviewing deliverables from the Vietnam team.
  • Expanding QA tasks (integration testing) for the Rakuraku Meisai and Rakuraku Denshi Hozon project to the Vietnam QA team, providing support.
  • Operational tasks related to product releases.


—– What do you find fulfilling about your job?

There are two aspects of fulfillment for me.

One is the ability to propose and implement improvements in the BSE work process, allowing for smooth progress in tasks. I have been involved in the setup of the new offshore team for Rakuraku Meisai, overseeing processes, role assignments, communication with RV, and team development from scratch. Through collaboration with the development team and RV Project Managers, we have been able to decide on project progress, meeting structures, document management, and operational rules.

It’s rewarding to see the RV side, which initially started with just one programmer, expand its scope and gain high trust in the features developed together with RV.
I want the RV and JP development teams to continue growing while trusting each other, and to work together as one to deliver good products to our customers.


The other aspect is the opportunity to work with trusted colleagues with whom I can consult.

Information sharing between teams and within the team is well-established, and there is a friendly atmosphere where we can discuss any challenges related to offshore development in the morning and evening meetings. Regular one-on-one meetings with the team leader provide a platform for regular feedback, ensuring a comfortable working environment. I also have connections with BSE members from Vietnam who handle other products, allowing for casual conversations about work and personal matters.

As a BSE connecting Japan and RV, both of these aspects contribute to a sense of fulfillment.


—– What are your future goals?

Since the scope of responsibilities for RV is expanding, my goal for this fiscal year is to support the RV in completing the development and QA for Rakuraku Denshi Hozon independently.



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