I value “HRT” and look forward to growing up with Rakus Vietnam


  • PROJECT: Haihai Mail
  • NAME: Pham Bui The Nhan
  • POSITION: Bridge Software Engineer – Development Department No. 3, Rakus Japan

After graduating from university, Mr. Nhan joined a large-scale Offshore company. With PG and PL experience, he joined Rakus Vietnam as Project Manager when Rakus Vietnam was first established in 2014. Since August 2018, he transferred to Rakus Japan.



—– Please tell us the reason as well as the background… that you decided to join Rakus Japan.

I originally liked popular anime and manga and had an interest in Japanese culture. Japan’s famous working style such as kaizen and quality management is the reason why I became interested in working at a Japanese company.


In my previous job at an Offshore development company, I had experience developing many Offshore projects of Japanese companies (such as Web, power management system, mobile app,…). I also had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Japan.


Along with that interest, I also wanted to experience life and wanted the challenge of becoming a Bridge Software Engineer (BSE) in Japan. My family also supported my decision, so I transferred my job to the parent company, Rakus Japan.


Although life in Japan has many difficulties, I am happy to receive support from the company and colleagues. For example, the company supported me in implementing visa procedures. My colleagues also recommended stores that sell necessary items for daily living, and spoke Japanese in an easy-to-understand way… those things helped me a lot.


—– Please describe your work and role since joining the company.

After coming to Japan, I was in charge of the Haihai Mail project. Initially, I was responsible for domestic development in Japan (creating outline design, creating detailed design, implementation, acceptance), as well as explaining technical specifications for Rakus Vietnam and reviewing deliverables. After that, I was also in charge of some of the operations.


From 2020, I take over BSE. I am in charge of many operations related to Offshore such as adjusting task requirements for Rakus Vietnam, supporting progress management, explaining technical specifications, reviewing delivered Rakus Vietnam products, and supporting difficulties and problems of Rakus Vietnam, adjusting the sprint goal between Rakus Vietnam & Japan and supporting communication between the two sides.


I will also explain about the language used between Japan and Vietnam. BSE is not responsible for translation or interpretation. Document translation and interpretation of meetings will be performed by specialized Vietnamese communicators.


On the other hand, if there is a difference in understanding between the Japanese development team and the Vietnamese one, BSE will explain. In normal communication, when Japanese people participate, we will speak in Japanese and have a comnunicator from Japanese to Vietnamese.

English is mainly used in chat when explaining documents.


—– Please tell us about the division of roles in the development of Japan and Vietnam.

Depending on the task, it will be different, but basically we are dividing the roles as follows:

  • Requirements definition, Create requirement definition: Japan
  • Create work instructions, Explanation of specifications: BSE
  • Create outline design (basic design), create detailed design, implement, test: Vietnam
    ※Responding to Q&A, difficulties, and problems during these periods will be handled by BSE.
  • Review of deliverables: BSE and Japanese member are in charge together.
  • Integration phase: Vietnam & Japan are in charge together.

The development team in Japan is 14 people, BSE including me is 2 people.

The development team in Vietnam is 7 people, including 5 engineers and 2 QA.


—– Please tell us about your current daily workflow.

In simple terms, my daily workflow is as follows:

  • Meeting to share Japan’s sprint progress
  • Handle tasks such as: Review deliverables from Rakus Vietnam, tasks from Japan,…
  • Daily meetings with Rakus Vietnam: Share progress, difficulties, issues that need to be communicated,… (there is a 2-hour time zone difference with Rakus Vietnam)
  • Support Q&A, difficulties, issues from Rakus Vietnam, improvement methods,…


—– Please tell us about the atmosphere of the team you are working with.

Our entire team is working together in the spirit of HRT.



HRT … is Humility, Respect, Trust.

These are considered “3 important ingredients for an excellent team to create excellent software”

For example, the following mindsets will be encouraged:

“You are not omniscient, omnipotent, and you are not absolutely right.”
“Treat the other person as a human being, appreciate their abilities and achievements.”
“Believe that other people besides you are right and capable.”



I am aware of HRT when writing review comments, or when confirming test results and measures to prevent recurrence,…
Personally, if I don’t know something, I will actively ask people around me. Every day our team is praising the person we want to thank the most that day, called the「いいね」system.

With the foundation of HRT, we create an environment where sharing and discussion can be done in a friendly way, aiming to achieve group and individual goals. I think therefore it is easy to discuss difficulties and problems between Vietnamese ⇄ BSE ⇄ Japanese members.

For example, we have a 1on1 meeting once a month where we can discuss privately with the manager. In addition, we are also conducting weekly improvement meetings (Furikaeri) within the team. In the short meeting every morning (Chorei), we will speak about each other’s good things and praise each other.

Furthermore, when Rakus Vietnam has something to discuss with the Japanese side, even though BSE is on leave, other members will support, so we can feel secure in working together.


—– In your work, what makes you feel especially valuable?

The cooperation between Rakus Vietnam & Japan can progress smoothly without any problems, and the product being released stably is what makes me feel valuable.
In addition, it is also the fact that the Development Team of Rakus Vietnam & Japan continues to develop, more and more members of Rakus Vietnam can perform outline designs that they could not do before.


I hope Rakus Vietnam & Japan can continue to work together with peace of mind and trust each other.


—– Please tell us Nhan-san’s future goals..

Currently, Rakus Vietnam can proceed from the outline design stage and the scope of Rakus Vietnam’s work is also gradually expanding.

Therefore, in the future, I want to support Rakus Vietnam to independently develop and maintain Haihai Mail’s existing functions.


—– How do you spend your rest time?

I like sightseeing, so on my days off, I go to the park with my family or go sightseeing around the Kansai area about once a month. My family often goes to coffee shops, reading books and chatting. On weekdays, I basically spend time with my family, watch movies, watch videos to learn Japanese, and learn new things.

I also like sports (soccer, walking) but lately I don’t participate often, so I’m lacking exercise (laughs).


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