The growth of Product is my motivation in the 8-year career path at Rakus Vietnam


  • PROJECT: Haihai Mail
  • NAME: Nguyen Minh Canh
  • POSITION: Senior Project Leader

Joining Rakus Vietnam since 2015, Mr. Canh is a Middle Developer and became a Senior two years later. At the end of 2019, along with the company’s development, he was trusted with the role of Project Leader. Currently, after more than 8 years with the Haihai Mail project team, he is taking on the position of Senior Project Leader.



—– At that time, what made you decide to join Rakus Vietnam?

I am a person who loves Japanese culture and people, so I also have thoughts of working in a Japanese business. Therefore, when I received several offer letters from many companies at the same time, I did not hesitate to choose Rakus Vietnam.

In addition, the benefits for the MVP of the year winner – being sponsored by the company for a short-term study trip to Japan – was the most attractive thing to me when making a decision at that time.


—– So now, please describe a little about your job content and role at the company.

Currently I am working as a Senior Project Leader in the Haihai Mail team.

My main job is to perform function design, perform acceptance testing, support and participate in training for team members.

Every day, I follow the work of members and accurately as well as promptly report problems that occur during tasks to superiors. I also participated in proposing solutions to ensure the deadline of each task.

In addition, if there are new techniques and technologies that need to be applied to the project, I will be the one to research then share knowledge with my team.


—– In the Haihai Mail team, can you share more about the division of roles between the Japanese and Vietnamese development departments?

Currently, the Vietnamese side is responsible for about 70% of the workload in the product releasing process for customers.


First, the Japanese side collects customer requirements, then transfers the definition documents to Rakus Vietnam.

From there, Rakus Vietnam is mostly in charge of the process of developing and delivering the final product to the Japanese side, including tasks such as:

  • Perform Outline Design and Detail Design
  • Execute code and CDR code
  • Create test cases and execute the testing process
  • Perform Acceptance Test
  • Perform Integration Test
  • Perform all future tests such as monkey test and vex test.


—– Can you describe your current daily work process as a Senior Project Leader?

Besides the main task of closely following the work progress of team members, supporting them to complete tasks every day without missing the deadline, I also support the superiors (Project Manager) in risk management, accurately judge and report problems that occur during tasks, thereby promptly proposing solutions to prevent unexpected incidents and ensure the project is carried out on schedule.


—– As a leader, you must always think about improvement activities (Kaizen) for the team, right?

That’s right, currently I am taking many actions to help other members develop and become more mature at work, such as:

  • Create documents and train business domains
  • Create documents and train programming skills
  • Pair work
  • Accompany members in kaizen to develop themselves such as: setting their goals, implementing PDCA,…


—– Can you share more about your team’s working spirit?

Everyone knows how to listen, respect each other’s opinions, and share peacefully to come up with the best solution at work.

Everyone works with a cheerful spirit, whether they need help from others or are asked for help, they are always ready.

Even situations like members who have worked for a long time need help from newcomers, which is very normal in the Haihai Mail team.


—– In your current job, what makes you feel especially valuable?

Working with friendly colleagues who actively support each other in their work, moreover, seeing the product grows year by year, achieving many sales achievements in the Japanese market, and the members making progress every day is what motivates me every day.

In addition, Rakus Japan members have very good technical capacity, I have taken that as my daily goal.


—– So please share more specifically about the next steps in the future that you are aiming for.

For the Haihai Mail team, I aim to improve the technical capacity of the team members to reach the same level as the Japanese members.

To achieve this step, for new members joining the team who still lack many skills, I will also have a training plan to help them quickly become more mature.

Personally, I am further improving myself to aim for a higher role and position than my current one this year.


—- With more than 8 years working with Rakus Vietnam, do you have much to share about the company culture?

Having worked at Rakus Vietnam for a long time, I realize that the company has more and more good points in terms of benefits, as well as paying attention to the career path of each employee.


Among them, the outstanding and impressive ones for me are:

  • Quarterly MVP and annual MVP awards: This is the benefit that motivates me the most. In addition to being honored and recognized by the company, the awards also help you affirm your own value.

In the spring of 2017, after receiving the 2016 MVP award, I became one of the Rakus Vietnam members honored to attend the parent company’s Year-End Party in Tokyo. It was a very memorable experience, when I had the opportunity to sightsee in the land of the rising sun, while also interacting and meeting many colleagues at Rakus Japan.

  • Bonus 2 months salary in 1 year.
  • 1on1 culture: Not only the direct superiors, but also the Board of Directors also always care, listen to the employees’ opinions and support them a lot in their work as well as personal lives through the regular 1on1 meetings.


—- How do you spend your time outside of work?

It’s also very lucky because the Rakus Vietnam environment doesn’t require much overtime. In particular, in the Haihai Mail team, everyone seems to work without overtime.

Because members’ difficulties in work always receive dedicated support from colleagues or superiors, when I work at Rakus, I have more free time.

Before getting married, most of my free time was spent researching and learning new techniques such as: new frameworks, new languages, new technologies, writing mobile applications for Android, iOS and auto game tools.

Now that I have a 5-year-old son, I spend more time with my family and children. However, I still maintain updating and learning new techniques and technologies to improve my knowledge.



—- Thank you very much for your sharing.

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